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April 23, 2018 7:28 am

Personal Trainers

Personal trainers


The gym offers personal trainers upon request. They are available to take you through specific programmes to suit your individual needs.

Our Personal Trainers have a host of experience.

All GYMKHANA Personal Trainers are required to be certified and to follow the safety standard guidelines recommended by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America - AFAA. Our Trainers have to complete an extensive programme which includes anatomy, kinesiology, fitness assessment testing procedures, nutrition fundamentals and weight management, special populations and medical considerations, wellness programming and screening guidelines, and exercise programming in the Weight Room. This ensures that all our Members receive training from the most knowledgeable and experienced Instructors while achieving their personal goals. 

GYMKHANA’S Personal Trainers are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways of keeping the training programmes at cutting edge while never losing site of the fact that working out must be fun! 

Choose from nine of our professional Trainers, each of them is highly skilled, has spent hundreds of hours personal training clients, and bring their unique personality to the task. Meet Gisel, Damion, Keith, Kurt, Marcelo, Mark, Peter, and Ruel, to decide who fits your personality and fitness goals, to forge that professional partnership that can only guarantee amazing results. 

Meet our Personal Trainers


JAIRLYONS GYMKHANA LIMITED would like to introduce Jair Lyons - our on-call Physical Therapist.

Jair has focused his field of practice towards Sports and Fitness injury rehabilitation of athletes and non-athletes, from treatment in the rehab clinic to continued rehabilitation in the gym and on field.

You may wish to contact any of our Floor Instructors/Personal Trainers for referrals.






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